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About Yulia

About Yulia

Yulia Orinel is the Mind-Body transformation expert, neurocoach (ICF), a specialist in psychosomatics. The author of the method "New Dimension". She is the master of the seven steps Raja Yoga by Indian masters, a master of swords and qigong by Shaolin masters. In 15 years of a mentorship, Yulia built a strong international community network. Among her clients are celebrities and royal family members. In her free time, she writes paintings, poems, and is fond of photography. Now Yulia lives in Monaco with her family.

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The Method

The Method

When you no longer need to fight with your demons, dragons, with your problems, you just pay attention to yourself. Look inside for a source of strength and energy. You are filled with power here and now. When power fills you, you move to other levels of reality, where there are no problems anymore. At this point you have changed your past experience. At this point it turns out that you don’t need to fight with anyone, that the problems have already been solved. And they never have been. It was just an illusion, misinterpreted information. Yes, the previous level of reality with real problems still exists. You just switch to another radio station, to another wave. And for this you need only one thing: switch your attention from the external to yourself, fill yourself with life. Look for the source of strength within yourself. Feel the source of life with the inside. You will not find a solution to your problems at the level where they arose. But knowledge directed inwardly increases energy, strength. Your inner state determines what level of reality you recognize yourself in the next moment. Where everything is already good, where you are happy, where you are loving and loved, where you are abundant...





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