Hatha Yoga

What is commonly called meditation in yoga and other oriental traditions is fundamentally different from the understanding of this phenomenon in the West. Meditation is the main practice in yoga and Kung Fu. Wise yogis have noticed that the body is an instrument that connects us with the original source. Slowing the stream of time, meditation helps discover our genuine Self, our inner support. When Spirit and Heart join together, Fate leads us the easiest way. But our busy mind is an obstacle on the way to happiness and satisfaction. To begin with, one must learn how to relax to be natural in any situation and to react adequately to the surrounding world, to be in one stream with it. Secondly, one must get to like their body, open their spinal column and joints through which prana and chi energy can circulate freely in the body. With the help of asanas we develop such qualities as flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Through asanas to stabilize the activity of the nervous and endocrine system. In this way can we prepare our body to sit for a long time in Padmasana and explore our mind.
In the modern world, there are many schools of hatha yoga. All of them are interesting and useful in their own way. I will add only that the practice of hatha yoga activates the individual will, which is an incomprehensible way is transformed into intent. Will and intent become a single process. In which the emphasis shifts from the action to the result of the action. The master of the intent becomes the one who is absolutely transparent for it. 



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