Desires - are a natural process of life and human evolution. Manifested world - is the result of creation, thus the Creator’s will. “In the beginning,God created the heaven and the earth” - that’s the beginning of the Bible.

According to Vedas, the God Vishnu is responsible for the process of creation. Non-manifested material energy Pradhana comes into motion and new material comes out.

The human is created in the image of God. The predestination of the human - is to create, to manifest the talents, to express the energy of life in its versatility and originality.

In ancient Vedic culture - there is an idea that there exist 4 life goals in human life.

Goal number one: Kama.

Kama - is pleasure or any good desires connected with 2 lower chakras: health, active longevity, sex, family bonds, birth of children.

The second goal: Artha- is material prosperity, finances, mind, will. This is Manipura chakra.

The third goal: Dharma - Anahata and Vishudha chakras. The embodiment of your predestination, the Realisation of creativity. When you are in the right place.

 The fourth goal: Moksha - release, spiritual self-understanding, self-exploration. Adghna chakra.

 In the seventh centre there are no goals, as this is the territory of spirit, absolute consciousness.

When we concentrate on chakras and work out the channels, it gives us the harmonization of all centers. We gradually move from bottom to top letting our soul transform its wishes step by step. In each center, by manifesting our will, we will create a positive intention - Siddha Sankalpa (Sanskrit).

It’s useless to suppress our wishes. We provide the evolution of our wishes without struggle, passing to a new level, thus changing our perspective of the Observer.

By managing our body, breathing and attention, we can manage our consciousness, our life and our destiny. Understanding the reason in ourselves, taking the responsibility for our life, admitting that we are creators of our reality, and this reality correlates with the stream of life energy, we inevitably become happy.




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