The World

Act without expectation.


The Master of Life returned to his estate and regained his former power. Power over the five senses, body, soul, material reality. He had found himself again, having outlived the sacrifice in himself, having become the ultimate victim, having hung on all the crosses. Guilt, shame, inferiority became his best fuel for transformation. He has learnt one simple truth: he is the creator of everything that happens in his life, both bad and good.

He is in the game. He is interested in knowing himself in all facets of life, in all dimensions.
The creator creates and fills himself and everything around him.
Sacrifice devastates and devalues all previous experience.
The dark side of the soul must be known, revealed, illuminated by the light of love.
The birth of the new in every moment is the power that fills. Inspiration, impulse, life, the birth of Love

Yulia Orinel



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