Qi Gong


As far as we know, at the beginning of the VIth century AD a Buddhist monk Bodhidharma came to China from India. He brought Zen philosophy to Shaolin. The word "zen" originates from the Sanskrit word "dhyana" which means contemplation. So true Shaolin Kung Fu is Zen philosophy rooted in yoga which says that Zen is right here in our everyday life. True Kung Fu knows who we are. Practising Kung Fu, we train our body, our heart and our Qi energy altogether to attain conscious truth understanding. The heart and the body become strong, life-span increases, the quality of life improves. 
Qi Gong is nutrition of inner force. The gist of method is to learn acting without breaking peace, unity and natural breathing. Consolidation of spirit and body is achieved by recurrences to naturalness. This consolidation and health are given to us at the birth, our task is to get rid of all the obstacles and be happy. The theoretical basis of the practice completely jump together with Chinese inner Kung Fu schools training approach. Health is beyond everything. 
Qi is energy. Gong is craftsmanship. Qi Gong is a science of life teaching how to save and increase life forces to be healthy and strong. In China tradition Qi is a source of force and any substance. Qi is inside and around us. We are all born with a huge supply of Qi energy, but with the lapse of time we spend it. Lack of Qi energy causes diseases. Lots of epochs and civilizations have changed each other, but one thing always remains unchanged - people want to live a long happy life. The Chinese say QI Gong cures 100 diseases are connected with bad spine permeability. 
In Shaolin monastery everybody practices Qi Gong. It's impossible to grasp one's body without it. When we practice Qi Gong our body must be relaxed, Qi is accumulated in Dantian in the centre of the abdomen. When body needs movement, Qi moves from the Centre towards the course. We use 60% of Yin energy and 40% of Yang energy. 60% of Yin is accumulated inside and  40% for outer actions. In this proportion we always have enough energy for life and struggle. We save more energy and use it when it is necessary.
In our everyday life this balance is broken. As a rule, we use more energy than we accumulate. It isn't replenished. Man is tired and falls ill. One must learn to get more of Yin and thoughtfully spend Yang to preserve harmonious and happy life.
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