Anna Lintvariova 



Count Henri Tobie De Monspey



Veronika Tulaeva: I would like to thank Yulia from the bottom of my heart. This is a real gift from God. She shared with me valuable knowledge and practices of Kriya Yoga. Recently, I felt I was missing something in my practices in order to better be in touch with the spirit and the higher Self. And the universe gave an answer to my request. Yulia masterfully explains and gave me the kriya techniques. I already use them every day and the result of my classes is simply amazing. I haven't felt so much light inside and energy for a long time, despite the difficult time.


Alisa Alice: Like many people, I came to yoga purely for physical reasons, but then I met Yulia, who opened a beautiful world of spirituality and inner peace for me. Many instructors tend to focus on either physical or spiritual components of yoga practice, Yulia’s sessions pull together movement, breath, spirituality and philosophy. Yulia has a unique style, combining some of the “typical” asanas with a large number of uncommonly seen postures which makes practice fun and invigorating.  Her warm, kind-hearted personality and unique teaching technique inspires you each session and every day.


Chen Geng: When I saw Yulia at the temple she was always alone with a sword. She went there to train herself. Her love of swordsmanship and yoga surpassed herself. And in ordinary life she has a great spirit and this is manifested in yoga and the sword. The practice is very serious and hard work. She is interested in Chinese culture and studies it deeply. It's really a nice person.


Yolanda Sil: Las clases con Yulia son fantásticas y diferentes...  trabajas muy bien la respiración... me encanta! Una gran profesional!




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