A sword isn’t just a weapon. A sword is Zen philosophy. For example, Chinese sword Jian is an object of force, a value. Its blade is an extension of the spine where the power of your mind lies. You and the blade make one whole. The art of a sword wielding is an art of balance, control over 5 sense organs and emotions. Concentration of mind. The blade of a sword is a view of mind, its extension. The way you wield a sword reflects the state of your mind. Any awkward movement and you can hurt yourself. So practising with a sword is possible only in absolute silence. It’s impossible to reflex and interact with the sword at one and the same time. It’s an art of faultless activity in the stream of force. From the very beginning we study one movement after another. Then all the movements become one single whole. Then the process disappears, dissolves. Action turns into meditation.

The allegory of a sword is consciousness. Facet-diamond of knowledge by means of which you move along the golden middle way – the way of heart…


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