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«Metaphysics of Abundance» is an ultimate course. Duration 1 month. The course is specifically designed by Yulia Orinel for people who aspire to acquire spiritual, physical and social well-being, optimal performance, success, creativity, and overall emotional satisfaction with life. Based on ancient and contemporary edge-cutting scientific, bioenergetic, psychological, and physical technologies the course procures a path to complete quantum synchronization and coherence of the body, mind, and consciousness.


Course Structure

         A. Intellectual transformation:

Through the law of pure potentiality, we can create anything anytime anywhere. As soon as you change the point of view of the observation, the objective reality changes. There only moment that exists is the moment of the present. Any past can be rewritten. You just need to want it. The future is created from the moment of the present: from your intention, from your emotion, and energy. The course offers a direct path of intellectual transformation, from the richness of various spiritual, philosophical, and scientific traditions that Yulia has studied. 


        B. Individual transformation at the levels of the psychosomatic and bioenergetic bodies:

Since there are four different brains in the body and each of them lives its own life, it is very important to synchronize their work: the reticular formation, the limbic system, the neocortex, and the abdominal brain. The course offers a coherent tutorial of individual transformational practices, including physical and breathing exercises (Yoga&Qigong), bioenergetic practices, meditations, psychosomatic sessions, rewriting of unconscious genealogical programs and conscious creation of the new reality of our dream.


        C. Synchronization of the different levels of life:

The amount of energy that we do not observe is a thousand times larger than the amount of energy that we observe. This energy of the quantum field is available to us at every moment if we focus our consciousness on the field and overcome the constraints of our physical and social environment. The art of finding oneself in the present moment is the key to unlocking one’s cosmic potential and unlimited source of creativity and happiness. The third module of the course brings the skill of psychosomatic and bioenergetic self-regulation to the level of mastership, which amounts to the main goal of the course -- the metaphysics of abundance.


Course results

  • Development of the skill of realisation of one’s wishes and aspirations;
  • Rewriting of the genealogical programs and correction of the genetic programs;
  • Mastering the law of attraction at the various levels of financial and social life;
  • Acquiring skills of emotional, physical and bioenergetic self-regulation, optimal performance, and insightful intuitive self-guidance;
  • Multi-dimensional transformation up to the supernatural level in the quantum field;
  • Unpacking of talents and development of creativity, development of high intellectual capacities;
  • The goal is to feel healthy, free and happy, and to master the skill of making your dreams come true;
  • Improving the quality of life and connecting to the stream of endless possibilities of life.



This course is designed for

  • For royalty, celebrities as Yulia is and has been a mentor to several Royal Families;
  • For those who want to improve their financial level;
  • For those who want to find their purpose;
  • For those who want to feel healthy and happy;
  • For those who want to harmonize their relationship with themselves and other people.


Based on the chief request of the client, a personalised program of the course will be designed. The program will address the specific psychosomatic, social and financial issues and the situation of the client. The personalised program will comprise the following modules:


Module 1: Finance and material abundance

Goals of the module:

Synchronization with the cosmic abundance;
Unpacking of the unlimited financial flow;
Manifestation of the inner source of abundance;
Monetization of one’s mission;
Creation of the ecological sources of income.


Module 2: Health and wellness

Goals of the module:

Reconciliation of the conflicting desires of the reticular formation, limbic brain and neocortex (three brains of the human body);
Acquiring the skill of the brain and heart coherence;
Deliberate rewriting and creation of the desired hormonal states, neuronal connections, and genetic patterns;
Cultivating of the unlimited source of the inner energy;
Manifestation of the bodily wellness, resourcefulness, and longevity;
Overcoming depression, neurosis, diseases, and other bodily conditions.


Module 3: Relationship and partnership

Goals of the module:

Formation of a self-perception of a creator; development of self-love, self-acceptance, and gratitude;
Building healthy self-esteem, feeling of worthiness and dignity, allowing yourself the freedom of unrestricted self-expression and unconfined sexuality;
Rewriting of unconscious genealogical programs, deliberate channelling of genealogical energy into congenial relationships, healing and accepting your shadow side;
Activation of the inner flow of love, harmonization of your relationships with a partner, attracting your soulmate, and manifestation of an enjoyable relationship of your dreams.


Module 4: Mission and Creativity

Goals of the module:

Life's purpose is a manifestation in the present moment. It represents your unique essence and discloses your talents. It is your intuitive guidance that possesses all the answers to all the questions you could ever ask. It knows the way of the least resistance to your dream, and it manifests in the endless expansion of your desires and achievements. When we disable resistance and allow the life force to flow effortlessly through us, we feel empowered, magnificent and fearless. Following our life’s purpose makes us thrive in any circumstances, it brings us joy and satisfaction. Life’s purpose does not presume a specific goal. Instead, it is continuously evolving with us and it holds unlimited potential for expressing ourselves in multiple new, unexpected and exciting ways.



1. Setting specific goals, attunement with specific intentions, synchronization with the desired future.

2. Physical and energetic rebooting, healing and strengthening at the psychosomatic and energetic levels of your being.

The muscle layer of the human body accumulates negative reactions and emotions, traumas, blocks, unspoken impulses and disappointments. As the body accumulates more and more of the emotional and bioenergetic negativity, it manifests in physical pain and dysfunction. Our body loses a lot of energy in persistent efforts to mend the harm from the accumulated triggers. As a result, we feel low, discharged and physically unwell. However, it is in our power to release the negativity, and to help our body to heal itself, to restore its natural flow of energy, resistance and flexibility. The practices of qigong, hatha yoga, breath work, and meditation are the most efficient and scientifically validated tools for the complete physical and energetic rebooting of our body.

Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese practice that amounts to a science of life energy (Qi). It teaches how to preserve and increase the level of life energy in order to keep health and strength. In Chinese tradition Qi sustains the whole existence, it is considered as a source of life, which fills out and penetrates every bit of the universe, inside and outside. Humans are all born with a huge supply of Qi, but with the lapse of time we lose it. Lack of Qi energy causes diseases. In Chinese tradition, the art of Qi Gong is recognised as an effective tool to cure various diseases, especially those connected with orthopedic dysfunctions and musculoskeletal system.

Hatha Yoga. Hatha asanas help to develop such qualities as flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Practising asanas stabilizes the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems. It also trains our body to sit motionlessly for a long time and to cultivate our mind in meditation.

Kriya Yoga (Raja Yoga). The practice of Kriya yoga is based on the breathwork, correlated with the activity of the brain and the motion of the spinal cord. Breath is a key factor in Kriya yoga. In our everyday life we are not conscious of our breath, we breathe automatically. Breathing is the main driving force while we are in this body. When we pay attention to our breath, when we study it, we explore ourselves. When we start controlling our breath, we discover our spirituality and start our way towards immortality. Every person has a limited number of inhalations. When man slows down his breath, he prolongs his life. A regular practice of pranayama and asanas gives ostensible results in the body and in the mind. Breathwork is essential for calming the mind, and stopping the internal dialogue, for controlling thoughts and activating theta and delta waves in our brain. Practising Kriya yoga and focused attention opens the energy channels in our body and releases energy jams and blockages.

For the fastest achieving the best results, an individual program of the course will be created in accordance with the personal desires and requests of the client.


3. Meditation and trans experiences:

“Stream of Abundance” Meditation
“Vitality” Meditation
“Manifestation of Wellbeing” Meditation
“Self-acceptance” Meditation
“Life’s purpose” Meditation
“Laser to Heaven” Meditation
“Quantum Observer” Meditation 
“Activation of psychophysical centres” Meditation
“Golden Axis” Meditation
“Dragon Treasures” Meditation
“Immortal Phoenix” Meditation


4. The practices of accumulating personal strength, rewriting personal history and neural networks. Formation of positive thinking, building new efficient thinking patterns. The ability to master our consciousness, emotions and to generate the energy of love from our inner Source.


5. Understanding the causal relationship between the body and the psyche through psychosomatics. Rebooting and transformation of our consciousness: disabling self-critical perception, limiting beliefs, removal of prohibitions and resilience. Developing an awareness of the damaging effects of stress, fear, and negative emotions on our physiology. Mastering the ability to eliminate, prevent and control our negative emotions, detrimental generic programs, and destructive automatic reactions of the mind. Activation of the alchemical process of energy release and manifestation of happiness, joy and love.


6. Quantum mysticism: Observer and the Observed

Meditation is nothing more than a process of observation. Understanding of quantum physics’ principles of meditation makes it an ideal tool for the creation of the desired reality. The result of meditation depends on the consciousness and the state of your inner observer. By changing the focus of your observation, you can transform your objective reality. Observation is a key factor in shaping reality. The act of observation, in fact, amounts to the act of creation.

“All potential events exist in a quantum field in the form of electromagnetic waves of a certain spectrum. Countless potential electromagnetic spans corresponding to genius, wealth, freedom, health, etc. already exist in the form of energetic frequencies. If, by changing the state of being, we are able to create a new electromagnetic field corresponding to one of the potentials in the quantum information field, can it happen that we will be attracted to the desired event, or will this event find us by itself?” Joe Dispenza


7. Neurophysiology: The human brain

Meditation and mindfulness practices can help increase the amount of grey matter in the brain. The concentration of grey matter in the brainstem is responsible for the creation of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. The amount of grey matter in the hippocampus is responsible for the ability to learn and memorise. Hence, as a result of regular meditation, the increased amount of grey matter rejuvenates all parts of the brain.

Meditation practice reduces anxiety and panic attacks. Meditation practice is also helpful in fighting depression, regulation of the blood pressure, and reducing stress. Meditation increases mindfulness and concentration.

Meditation reduces the activity in the brain centre (known as the self), which is responsible for mental wanderings, obsessive thinking and anxiety. Meditation helps to get rid of addictions such as drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. Meditation improves creativity, discursive thinking and enhances cognitive skills.

People who regularly experience positive emotions have an increased amount of grey matter in the fore-wedge. Experienced meditation practitioners have increased brain activity in the frontal lobe, which correlates with a state of inner well-being and prosperity.

The state awareness amounts to the feeling of happiness.

The state of mindfulness cultivates the feeling of being in the present moment, the feeling of wholeness and safety.

Our task is to master the skill of meditation and to activate the states of awareness and mindfulness not only during the meditation, but also in daily life.

 “Meditation leads to an open mind and creativity. Meditation is a process of disclosure. It's like taking a hot shower, even better; even if you don't think about anything in particular, a great idea may come to your head, and then you just pick it up ... But this does not diminish your usual, not too pleasant emotions. The emotions are the same, but you can always take a step back and say, "I'm not going to let these emotions take control over me." And I think it will help you see everything as if from a higher level”. Ray Dalio.


  Terms and conditions of the course



  • Individual mentoring online / offline;
  • Online sessions 3 times a week (time is selected individually) - duration 1 month;
  • Daily reports; feedback and discussion via voice messages, chat, homework (we flexibly adapt the program to the client);
  • Сonfidential information / Sustainable 1on1 work based on your life situation;
  • Complete confidentiality of work.



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  • Individual mentoring online / offline;
  • Online sessions once a week (time is selected individually) - duration 1 month;
  • Feedback and discussion via voice messages, chat, homework (we flexibly adapt the program to the client);
  • Confidential information / Sustainable 1on1 work based on your life situation;
  • Complete confidentiality of work.

 PS: before the start of the course, the client is kindly asked to formulate and send his/her request to Yulia via WhatsApp or email.

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 Instant Transformation

  • Individual mentoring online / offline (includes one online session up to two-three hours);
  • Complete confidentiality of work.

PS: before the start of the course, the client is kindly asked to formulate and send his/her request to Yulia via WhatsApp or email.

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