Yulia Orinel - celebrity mentor, metaphysical Master,
transformational coach.

«THE KEYS TO FREEDOM» is an individual mentoring is specifically designed by Yulia Orinel for people who aspire to acquire spiritual, physical and social well-being, optimal performance, creativity, and overall emotional satisfaction with life. Based on ancient and contemporary edge-cutting scientific, bioenergetic, psychological, and physical knowledge. The mentoring procures a path to complete synchronization and coherence of the body, mind, and consciousness.


                                                      HOW MUCH IS YOUR FREEDOM WORTH? 



  Terms and conditions of the mentoring:



  • Individual mentoring online / offline;
  • Time is selected individually - duration 1 month/3 months;
  • Feedback and discussion via voice messages, chat, homework (we flexibly adapt the program to the client);
  • Сonfidential information / Sustainable 1on1 work based on your life situation;
  • Complete confidentiality of work.




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