In the world of yoga, there is the well-known text "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" written by the famous yogi Patanjali. Ashtanga yoga exists in the system of Patanjali. The are is Yama, Niyama... where Pranayama is the connecting-link between body and mind. Patanjali asserts, that we need it to develop Viveka. Viveka can be translated as distinguishing, the ability to understand the vision and the essence of things, to distinguish the spirit from the consciousness, and the matter from nature. The condition called Citta-Vritti-Nirodaha is bringing to complete cessation the functional modifications of citta (made conscious, enlightened, consciousness), it leads to distinguishing, and the distinguishing to liberation. The distinguishing who I am and who I am not. So, it's the separation of illusory connection of spirit from the matter, and the person becomes a viewer of reality's direct vision. Yoga is a specific psychophysical technology of achieving self-realization, which suits all people, irrespective of whether they believe in god or not.
Yoga is action. Purification of body and mind. This practice results in the feeling of harmony, satisfaction, concentration and pivot condition. Yoga is what is done from the pivot condition with maximum consciousness. What does it mean to be in pivot condition? It happens when our spinal column from coccyx to vertex is perceived as a magnetic field of force where all the centres and all the chakras work, and energy flows freely along the spine. Pivot condition appears when all the centres work, and they are balanced: intellect, heart and will.
Very often Man finds himself not in his pivot but in his emotional looped condition, i.e. he is absorbed in the situation and can’t function as an outside observer. As a rule, the life of such people is full of sufferings. To make oneself happy and replete one must make decisions only being in pivot condition. The stronger the condition is, the more chances there are for the man to fulfil himself, to understand his destination. When we are in pivot condition, there is always the connection with the world of Ideas, the Universe and the energy-informational field.
The question is how to get to this field, how to find the only correct decision, to get the answer or solution from another dimension and to make it material. We can do it only with the help of attention when attention is being focused. Conscious attention changes any process and any concrete result. Ability to control our attention is a key to the development of our perception and conscious life.
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